IUI, ICSI and IVF Support

IUI, ICSI and IVF Support

Just as research into medically assisted reproduction technologies (ART), such as IVF, is an ever-growing field, so is research into how acupuncture may be used to assist in supporting these technologies.

Over the last twenty years, leading journals have published studies showing research evidence of how Chinese medicine may be used as an adjunct therapy to assist with the effectiveness of different stages of the IVF process (see the references here). There is also broad agreement amongst Chinese medicine practitioners and other health practitioners about the value of acupuncture in this regard.

Considering how much people invest physically, emotionally and financially into ART in Australia alone, this is promising and exciting.

At Moxa, Jodi uses treatments based on the appropriate researched protocols to complement your stage of the IVF process. Generally, this involves a treatment each week and additional treatments on the day of the embryo transfer, both directly before and after the procedure.

Ideally, Jodi would have time to work with individuals or couples in the months preceeding the commencement of IVF treatment (see preconception program). This is not always the case. She has also treated many people for the first time at the start of their IVF cycle or even on the day of embryo transfer or sperm donation. Wherever you're up to in the IVF process, Jodi is happy to receive your phone or email enquiry regarding adjunctive acupuncture treatment.

Whilst more research is needed in order to provide definitive evidence, current studies show that at different times in the ART cycle, acupuncture may be able to assist by helping to:

  • increase blood and hence nutrient flow to the ovaries and uterus
  • regulate hormone levels
  • manage discomfort or other side effects of fertility procedures such as egg pickup
  • influence the structure of the uterine lining and promote implantation and clinical pregnancy rates
  • support people through what is often an incredibly anxious and stressful time

To read more about this please see the research section.

Despite common misconceptions, infertility is not only a female problem. In 40% of couples there is a contributing female factor, 40% a male factor and a third will have a combination of female and male factors. 

When working with men around an IVF cycle, your semen analysis involving information such as count, motility, morphology, volume and DNA fragmentation will be of particular interest to Jodi. It’s the gateway into understanding your fertility wellness.  It is however, very important to remember that underpinning this is your overall state of wellness. A healthier man will generally make healthier sperm and so, the same concepts covered in the natural fertility and preconception program come into play here too. As in that program, it is ideal to work together for at least 3 months, as this is the maturation cycle of sperm. Additionally, knowing how stressful the day of sperm donation may be for some, a treatment close to or on that day may also be helpful to alleviate worries and help you feel relaxed and supported.

Current academic thinking suggests that one mechanism through which acupuncture may impact on sperm health is by increasing blood and nutrient supply to the genitals (see research). Acupuncture points for this purpose are predominantly on the legs and abdomen. To allay a common misconception gents, no needles are placed anywhere near your genitals, which will remain safely within your underwear and covered with a towel.

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