Natural fertility & preconception support

Natural fertility and preconception support

The desire to have a baby can be intense to say the least. When things don’t go to plan or happen as quickly as we expect them to, it can also be frustrating, extremely stressful and even heartbreaking. Emotions fray and strain, and it feels like there are happy, pregnant couples everywhere you look.

However, a 2006 Australian National Fertility Survey (Clark & MacKenzie, 2007) showed that, in reality, across all age groups, one in six couples had still not conceived after trying for a year. So take heart in the knowledge that you’re not alone.

Jodi understands that you’re going through a physically and emotionally difficult time. She offers empathetic support and works to improve your general wellbeing by using treatments to help you manage this stress.


Despite common misconceptions, infertility is not only a female problem. A male factor contributes in an estimated 50% of couples failing to conceive (see references here).

Traditional Chinese medicine offers support to both men and women. It makes sense that both partners are as healthy as they can be for conception to occur. With this in mind, Jodi encourages both partners to consider preconception treatments. To allay any fears gents, no needles are placed anywhere near your genitals, which will remain safely within your underwear and covered with a towel.

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