Postnatal Care

Postnatal Care

There’s no two ways about it — carrying and giving birth to a baby is wonderful but also tough and draining on your system. It takes time to recover and rebuild your reserves. There is an all too common scenario of women having ongoing or worsening health concerns after childbirth. Natural medicine can offer great assistance in the prevention and treatment of such disharmony.

At Moxa, in West End, Brisbane, we offer drug-free options to assist with things, such as:

  • persistent uterine bleeding
  • post-birth pain and healing, including caesarean scars
  • postnatal stress, anxiety and depression
  • the production of breast milk and milk letdown
  • blocked ducts and mastitis
  • night sweats. 

We understand that making it along to treatments when you have a new born baby can be a bit of a challenge. Jodi is also happy to teach your partner or support person techniques to assist with recovery.

For more information about fertility, pregnancy and post-pregnancy treatments and support, available at our West End Centre in Brisbane, visit:

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