Moxa offers consultations with Meredith East-Powell for your nutritional advice and care. Meredith is a Clinical Nutritionist, which is a university qualified health professional, who takes an evidence informed approach to treatment. Clinical nutritionists approach healthcare in a holistic manner and look at the “big picture” in regards to your health.

At your first consultation Meredith will take a thorough health history, a dietary evaluation and will order testing if necessary. You will receive dietary advice that is tailored to your individual needs and lifestyle. Supplements are utilised as needed to achieve optimal results.

Meredith treats all areas of health, however her special interest areas are women’s health and digestive health. Meredith is also passionate about supporting women with endometriosis and has extensive knowledge and experience treating women with this condition.

For more information about nutrition with Meredith, or to book a consultation with her, please visit

Contact us to book an appointment, or if you’re not sure which treatment would be best for you, we’re happy to listen to your needs and recommend a good starting point and path forward.