While, at Moxa, we are adept at working with people when they are specifically unwell, we also believe strongly in preventative medicine. As well as treating your acute complaints, we aim to support and maintain your general sense of health and wellbeing, in the hope that more serious health concerns are less likely to eventuate at all.

Stress is a prime example. Stress can contribute to illness and not feeling as well as we should or could in multiple ways. It can disrupt our sleep, digestion, fertility, energy, moods, libido, relationships etc. The list goes on and on. It makes sense to step in and manage stress long before it becomes headaches, lower immunity, irregular menstruation, insomnia or a painful stomach ulcer. 

Prevention really is better than cure.

When you come to Moxa for treatment with any of our practitioners, you’ll be warmly welcomed and asked to provide a few essential details. Then your practitioner will take you to your private treatment room for a more in-depth consultation and assessment. They’ll use this information to develop your personalised treatment and any lifestyle advice that may apply. Your appropriate and individualised treatment will then begin.

pregnant woman holding stomach

Future visits will require shorter consultations so your practitioner can check your progress and treatment responses, and your current health situation.

Depending on the type of treatment you’re having, please allow 1–1.5 hours for your initial treatment and 1–1.25 hours for follow-up visits.

And, as we’re based in West End, Brisbane, we’re easy to locate and get to.

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Contact us to book an appointment, or if you’re not sure which treatment would be best for you, we’re happy to listen to your needs and recommend a good starting point and path forward.