Pregnancy Care & Labour Preparation

Apart from the arrival of a healthy baby, nothing makes us happier than the announcement that a client has successfully fallen pregnant.

We do also understand that after everything you may have gone through to become pregnant, this may still be an anxious time. We offer caring and supportive treatment for this stress.

We also offer natural, drug-free treatments for uncomfortable symptoms associated with pregnancy, such as nauseousness, fatigue and pain. We usually treat you at our West End centre each week for the first 12 weeks of your pregnancy and then at a frequency that suits you or is needed. 

As labour gets closer, we continue to focus on optimal wellbeing through emotional and physical support and the use of adjunctive treatments to assist with preparation for the healthy labour you desire. As an extension of the acupuncture treatment tailored to your unique presentation, treatment for labour preparation is suggested from 35 or 36 weeks onwards.

As any preparation is beneficial, we encourage expectant mothers to come for these treatments even if they’ve had no other acupuncture at all. We also encourage the primary birth support person to attend a session and learn some acupressure and massage techniques to assist during labour.

Ultimately, we aim to help you and your birth partner feel calm, empowered and ready to bring your baby into the world. We warmly welcome your enquiry as to whether there are treatments that would be appropriate for you during this special time.

Finally, it is critical that acupuncture treatments before labour or labour preparation treatments are not thought of as induction treatments. Induction is a specific medical procedure aiming to stimulate and initiate contractions and labour. Furthermore, pregnancy treatments at Moxa aren’t trying to replace your primary care physician, midwife or obstetrician, but instead sit supportively alongside them. We work to foster mutually respectful and collaborative relationships with these practitioners and appreciate the referral network we have established.

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Contact us to book an appointment, or if you’re not sure which treatment would be best for you, we’re happy to listen to your needs and recommend a good starting point and path forward.