Fertility & Reproductive Health

The desire to have a baby can be intense to say the least.

When Things Don’t Go To Plan Or Happen As Quickly As We Expect Them To, It Can Also Be Frustrating, Extremely Stressful And Even Heartbreaking. Emotions Fray And Strain, And It Feels Like There Are Happy, Pregnant Couples Everywhere You Look.

However, a 2006 Australian National Fertility Survey (Clark & MacKenzie, 2007) showed that, in reality, across all age groups, one in six couples had still not conceived after trying for a year.

Take Heart In The Knowledge That You’re Not Alone.​

Just as infertility deeply affects us now, in a traditional Chinese, Confucian society, the inability to conceive was magnificently disastrous with the potential to lead to an impoverished or even end to immortality. As a result, Chinese medicine was led to place particular emphasis on the fertility health of both women and men.

Conditions associated with female infertility, known as Bu Yun Zheng (“no pregnancy condition”), first appeared in Chinese medical literature some 2000 years ago. To say that there is a well established framework within traditional Chinese medicine around fertility and reproductive wellness is an understatement!

I have issues with the health of my reproductive system but no desire to have a baby right now. What about me?

You’re not in the wrong place! The health of the reproductive system has far wider implications than just the ability to conceive. The same organs and body systems that make babies are also at the root of reproductive health complaints like menstrual pain, irregularity or PMS. If you’re currently not wanting to conceive but still have concerns about the health of your reproductive system, you will find relevant information in the section on Female and Male Reproductive Health. Or of course, you are most welcome to call or email anytime with specific questions you might have.

Experienced Brisbane acupuncturist and Chinese herbalist, Jodi Baldry, has a deep interest in using Traditional Chinese Medicine to work with all aspects of male and female reproductive health and fertility. Jodi is a kind, warm, empathetic practitioner who dedicates much of her time and continued education to learning ever more about these fields and specific style of practice.

Situations That May Prompt People To Have Fertility Or Other Reproductive Health Concerns Are:

  • Couples who have been unsuccessfully trying to conceive naturally
  • Couples who have been unsuccessfully trying to conceive and who have been told they have no known cause of their infertility
  • People who are considering having or who have been receiving medical fertility assistance such as IUI, IVF or ICSI procedures
  • Women who have problems with their menstrual cycle like pain or irregularity
  • Women who have been diagnosed with complex hormonal conditions like endometriosis, polycystic ovarion syndrome, progesterone deficiency, premature ovarian failure, which may impact on their ability to conceive or otherwise cause them duress
  • Men who have been diagnosed with sperm health issues or who have other reproductive or health concerns
  • Women or couples who have experienced implantation issues or struggled otherwise to maintain healthy pregnancy
  • People who are single or older

Over the years of practice we’ve learnt that generally, there are five treatment groups that we predominantly see within this field. Jodi has developed treatment programs for each of these which are detailed below

Contact us to book an appointment, or if you’re not sure which treatment would be best for you, we’re happy to listen to your needs and recommend a good starting point and path forward.